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La fisicoculturista que es igual a Jennifer Lopez

Se llama Janyce Garay, es fisicoculturista, tejana, y su parecido con Jennifer Lopez la convirtió en una celebrity en Instagram. Mirá sino...

La mujer que se dedica a cultivar su cuerpo y ganar importantes competencias de fisicoculturismo, usa su parecido para seguir recolectando likes con fotos en las que copia descaradamente a la cantante. Según publicó la revista People, Garay es vocera de una marca de suplementos y participa en la categoría deportiva “NPC Figure”, organización de fisiculturismo amateur en Estados Unidos.

“¿Así que lo que ustedes me están diciendo es que todo el mundo tiene un gemelo y que Jennifer López es la mía? ¡Lo tomo! ¿Tenés algún gemelo famoso? Si es así, ¿quién es?”, escribió “la doble de JLo” a través de su cuenta de Instagram, en la que tiene casi 150K de seguidores.


I'm in tears of joy right now for all these opportunities that are being sent my way! I wish I could announce but not just yet, I remember praying for a miracle, I kept asking god to give me strength to hold on and not give up no matter what was being thrown my way. No matter how heart broken I was, friendships I've lost throughout the years or just struggling at home financially! It's hard being a single mom...I'll never be embarrassed for my struggles or where I came from because look where it lead me to today! God is so freakin good!!!! 😭🙌🏽🙏🏾 I remember crying in my room on a daily basis feeling miserable because I had no idea where I was going to end up ...I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life until I started working out 3 years ago! Fitness has definitely changed my life, I didn't have rich parents , we didn't have much coming from the valley my parents split when I was a baby and my mom and I moved away to Houston when I was 6...growing up was hard for me to be far away from my father because we had a special bond. But all I knew was I wanted to make my father proud of me! I know in my life growing up I've made mistakes, I didn't always make the right choices and I had my daughter at a young age (19) I'm not perfect what so ever but I do have a good heart! I will always remain humble and just want to show the world no matter how bad ur struggling or whatever it is your going through in life, stay strong, pray, keep grinding, focus on YOU An ur goals because u never know what god will bring your way, he will definitely surprise you! Trust me! He blessed me and opened other doors for me I never thought would be possible! And I definitely can't wait to share my journey with all of you! 🙏🏾💓 - JAY #NewBeginnings #Blessed #GodIsGood #InspireOthers

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Fotos: Instagram

Fotos: Instagram

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